Connecticut River Mural

Connecticut River Mural. The Children's Museum at Holyoke, Main Stairway. Holyoke, MA, 2005. 

For a slide show of this mural and mural details, click on the first image and then use the arrows.

I worked at the Children's Museum in Holyoke for several years as the Coordinator of the museum's Junior Volunteer Program, an after-school activity for Holyoke youth (See Mural Projects under Programs With Young People), where I facilitated team mural projects and other art projects. As well, when the Museum recieved grant funding for a museum-wide exhibit about water to celebrate the city of Holyoke's history of industry made possible by the construction of the city's canal system and the Holyoke Dam in 1900, I was hired to paint a mural on the walls of the main staircase showing the Holyoke Dam and the Connecticut River with its huge diversity of wildlife. The mural covered several walls of varying sizes, depicted dozens of species, and took six months to complete.