Nuestras Raices Holyoke

Nuestras Raices ("New Roots") is described on their web-site as a "grassroots urban agricultural organization based in Holyoke, Massachusetts." This impressive organization maintains a working farm on land along the Connecticut River on the southern boundary of the city of Holyoke. I was commissioned to paint the sign for the kiosk set near the main gates of the Farm. On one side I painted the lush vegetables and beautifully-patterned animals that I hope evokes the feeling of care and pride the Latino farmers have for their domestic animals and crops. The extended design of vines and leaves forms a border around a bulletin board used for posting up-coming events. On the other side I painted a map of the farm and surrounding property. The four pen and ink drawings were used for educational signs on a nearby nature trail, identifying species of wildlife, trees and plants along the river.