Doorways of Holyoke Mural

This mural project was sponsored by the City of Holyoke (Massachusetts) Planning Department. The children and teenagers involved in this project worked on two murals. The first consisted of five panels, each depicting a peaceful, urban neighborhood scene of people socializing on their doorsteps. The young participants explored their city neighborhoods with disposable cameras, taking photos of doorways to use as models for their panels. The completed panels were installed to cover the windows of the former Holyoke police station. The second mural shows the lead horse from the famous Holyoke Carousel breaking through a brick wall to symbolize the transformative creative spirit of this former industrial city. It was painted on a single panel that when finished was hung in the main entrance of the Ingleside Mall in Holyoke. The Mayor of Holyoke, Michael Sullivan, spoke at the opening ceremonies for both these murals.