Latino Mural Project

This mural, painted in 2006, was a collaborative project involving the Holyoke Juvenile Probation Department, the Children's Museum at Holyoke, and Holyoke Community College. The project was funded in part by a grant from the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts. Initially, the teenaged participants were all young offenders doing court-ordered community service overseen by their probation officers, but as the project progressed they were joined by their friends and family members. Holyoke Community College students participating in community service programs connected to their studies served as mentors and helpers. The finished mural, called "Transformation/Transformacion," celebrates the strong Latino presense in Holyoke and shows how the destructive energy of anger can be transformed into the constructive energy of creativity through community involvement.The mural was painted on panels and was installed in the center of the Holyoke Community College campus above the doors to the student union. The participants were recognized in a public opening ceremony where they spoke about their experience to an audience of city officials and college faculty, students, and administrators. The ceremony and the unveiling of the mural was covered by several regional newspapers and Channel 22 News from Springfield.