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Murals & Exhibit Painting

I paint exterior and interior murals for museums, nature centers, businesses, organizations and private homes. Murals are designed to aesthetically enhance and compliment a specific space and can illustrate a subject or theme, educate or advertise, or simply decorate. Large, wall-covering murals dramatically transform the space they occupy and can make a plain-looking room or hallway special and exciting.

My mural painting style is lush and boldly colored, the composition dynamic, well-balanced and in harmony with the space. Wildlife, other animals and human beings are vividly portrayed and in motion.  I will meet with you to discuss and plan a mural for your business, home or organization, and will go over preliminary sketches with you before presenting a final to-scale draft sketch in color pencil for your approval. I pay the same careful attention to detail whether I am painting a mural depicting a wetlands habitat for a nature center or a fantasy garden for a child’s bedroom.

I paint murals in latex, a water-based house-paint. Interior murals are painted in washable egg-shell finish and will last indefinitely. Exterior murals are painted in flat-finish exterior paint which can last decades if there is not too much exposure to direct sun (sunlight is more damaging to exterior paint than rain, cold or snow), so some thought needs to be given to where the mural will be. I paint directly on walls or on specially treated plywood panels that can be affixed to an exterior wall of any kind. (While I will advise on the hanging of plywood panels, I do not do that work myself.)

I work in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, southern and central Vermont and New Hampshire, and in some cases on the eastern side of New York state.

I love painting expansively on walls. The following photo-galleries show some of my murals.