Professional Writing

Do you want to publicize your new business in the local papers?

Do you need a fund-raising letter that will really convince people to contribute to your organization?

Is your non-profit ready to revise or create a new mission statement?

Are you designing a brochure or catalogue that needs concise, interesting descriptions of the programs you offer?

I offer a variety of writing services for individuals, organizations, non-profits and small businesses. My work combines the creative imagination and inspiration of an award-winning novelist with the technical skills and qualifications of an instructor and tutor of college-level English composition.

I can help turn your ideas into a focused piece of writing that articulates clearly what you want to say in the way you want to say it. By conveying an appropriate tone, clearly ordering information, emphasizing important points and paying meticulous attention to grammar, spelling and sentence structure, I create a written piece appropriate and specific to its purpose that accurately reflects your standards and ideas.

I will meet with you individually or with your professional team to gather information, synthesize ideas and clarify direction. I work quickly and to dead-lines. I will involve you step-by-step in the writing process, emailing regular up-dates and adding or changing as you wish, until the piece is finished to your satisfaction.

Publicity Articles

Whether you have just launched a small start-up business or are expanding your programs in an established organization, many local newspapers will publish a short article to help publicize your new or expanded presence in the community. I write publicity articles that focus on the more human-interest aspects of your endeavor, providing a behind-the-scenes dimension not always possible in conventional advertising.  My creatively written articles profile you and your work in a way that inspires curiosity, imparts essential information and makes a memorable impression on your readers. 

Press Releases

I write succinct and thorough press releases that deliver the maximum amount of information in as brief a form as possible. I make sure the essential material—the who, what, when, where and “contact us” information—is conveyed clearly and prominently in a manner that can be readily transcribed for print media, television and radio.

Program Blurbs/Descriptions

If your organization or business regularly schedules programs, workshops, events and other activities, chances are you publish a catalogue or brochure at least twice a year with blurbs describing what you have to offer. My attractive, descriptive blurbs stimulate interest by conveying the central purpose of the program, briefly explaining methods and outlining the experience and qualifications of the facilitator.  

Fund-raising and Business Letters

Writing a good business letter is an art-form.  I carefully craft the tone and form of a letter in the manner most appropriate to its purpose. Whether containing a formal request, expressing a professional acknowledgement or making a persuasive appeal, my letters are always courteous, concise, highly readable and technically correct.  

Mission Statements

A mission statement communicates your organization’s vision and purpose. I listen to your ideas, study your notes and discuss every detail of your needs with you before crafting a mission statement that clearly and simply outlines the heart of what your organization does. I also help revise an existing mission statement to reflect your organization’s growth and evolution, clarifying the wording, adding and deleting material, communicating the central tenets of your organization in clear, powerful language.


Newsletters are an important resource both within an organization and as its public voice. But whether they are published once a year or every month, on paper or on-line, they can often be difficult to write. I will write all or portions of your organization’s newsletter, including short articles about your organization’s status, activities and programs, interviews or profiles of specific personnel, lists of up-coming events, descriptions of new products and services and reviews of material related to your organization’s work. I also proof-read and edit text and offer creative-consultant services for newsletter content and design.    

Proof-reading and Editing

Up-dating a program catalog?  Reconstituting last year’s fund-raising letter?  Making changes and additions to your mission statement? I will ask questions, make suggestions, edit, revise and rewrite an existing piece, applying the same careful attention to proof-reading your text material that I would give my own writing.

Website Text

Every business, organization, non-profit and entrepreneurial enterprise needs a website. Whether you’re hiring a web-designer or creating your own, the thought of a colorful, eye-catching website is exciting—but in the end, someone has to write the text. I will help with this often-daunting task, brainstorming with you, discussing your needs and working from your notes and outlines to produce informative, attention-grabbing material that won’t be scrolled over before it’s read.