Deborah Savage

I am an award-winning illustrator and novelist living in western Massachusetts. I work in my small studio looking out over a wooded dell through which pass red and gray fox, deer and red-tailed hawk. After a life of varied work as an artist, writer and teacher, after years of moving around and travel, from New Zealand to Scotland to Alaska, I have been settled by good fortune, fate or magic in a small, secluded home all my own, its wild, weedy little garden and yard bordered by the old woods with its shadowy dell. This small and unassuming area contains, as did Emily Dickinson's garden and William Blake's grain of sand, the entire Universe of Life into which I have been graciously received.

My work has settled to fit. Instead of painting large public murals covering the walls of buildings, instead of writing novels set in far-away lands, instead of painting exhibits on site in natural history museums and nature centers, I work on pieces I can do in my studio. Living as I do on the edge of a large town, I have become fascinated with the liminal regions between the urban and the wild. I can gaze into the depths of the old woods that continues north, more or less unbroken, into Vermont, hear the loud rattle of a pileated woodpecker and the high-pitched bark of a fox...and at the same time, hear the underlying hum of cars and trucks on Interstate 91, the urgent bellow of a fire truck racing by a block away. My neighbors are my subjects--the urban and semi-urban wildlife that has adapted to thriving among human beings. Like the subjects themselves, I am learning to adapt to my space and circumstances.

Illustrations, Murals and Signs

I create eye-catching, dramatic and bold visual art with attention to accurate detail and clarity. I work to deadline and adhere to the purposes and requirements of your organization.

I specialize in natural history, wildlife, landscape, environmental, historical, animal and agricultural subjects for:

  • Natural History, Science and Children’s Museums
  • Nature and Environmental Centers
  • Wildlife Refuges
  • Public and State Parks
  • Zoos
  • Farms and Agricultural Centers
  • Animal Shelters
  • Historical Societies
  • Equestrian Centers
  • Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public and Municipal Buildings
  • Private Homes

My illustration work can be used by your organization for publication in books, magazines, and newsletters. I also design illustrated posters, flyers and cards for events, educational material, publicity and advertising. My illustration mediums include woodcut relief print, pen and ink, watercolor and oil paint, scratchboard, colored pencil and collage.

My murals and signs are painted on a primed surface in exterior or interior latex directly onto walls or on removable panels.

I also create beautiful, personalized murals and painted furniture in any subject for children.

Writing Services and Creative Writing Workshops

I write publicity articles, press releases, program blurbs, mission statements, and fund-raising letters for businesses and private, public and non-profit organizations.

I provide in-depth manuscript consultations in fiction, memoir and creative non-fiction.

I offer creative writing workshops and author talks at writing conferences, seminars, colleges and universities.

Programs and Services for Children and Teens (ages 10 and older)

I offer unique, engaging short- and long-term projects in visual arts and creative writing for young people at all levels of ability. Projects can be designed around specific themes, such as:

  • Nature, animals and the environment
  • Social and cultural identity issues
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Community and global issues
  • Fantasy, street art, anime

I develop a wide variety of exciting and fun projects that can either stand alone or enhance and support existing educational and recreational programs at:

  • Museums
  • Nature and Discovery Centers
  • Community Youth Organizations
  • Summer Camps
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Summer and After-School Programs
  • Municipal Leisure and Recreational Facilities
  • Libraries

I also offer:

  • Mentoring for young writers and artists
  • Tutoring in writing college essays